Project Origami


Storytelling made for a digital audience. Powered by print.

Print ads do not translate to the web. Origami folds a print ad into something beautiful and engaging—made specifically for a digital audience.

Origami uses the content found in print advertisements to create intelligent, interactive display ad units hosted on your publication’s website. This content can be folded further to create standalone websites with massive lead generating power.

Drive interactions that matter to your advertisers, while keeping your readers where you want them: on your website.

Say goodbye to static display ads. The Origami ad unit functions like a mini website-within-a-website, offering interactive navigation and inline content.

Now your audience can engage with advertisements and their offerings directly in the ad without leaving your site. Click-to-call buttons and contact forms are embedded within the ad unit to drive leads directly to your advertisers.

Keep the conversation on print, but drive new digital revenue.

Origami is powered by print ads, so it rewards frequent print advertisers and puts ROP back at the forefront of your sales pitch.

To top it all off, Origami is easy for your ad reps to sell. Unlike complicated digital marketing solutions, Origami is inexpensive and operates on a simple share of voice model. Never talk about CPM again.


Will this slow down my website’s page load?

Not at all. The Origami ad unit is smart-loading. Content comes in on demand without slowing page load time.

Does Origami come with reporting?

Of course. Origami keeps track of impressions and interactions so your advertiser’s clearly understand their ROI.

Does Origami need to be designed from scratch?

Nope! We handle the content creation, so there’s no need for new digital creative. Origami is generated and updated automatically to showcases your advertiser’s primary offer from the print ads they run.

Is Origami mobile-friendly?

Yes. Origami is responsively built for today’s web, meaning it adapts automatically to desktop, tablet and mobile.



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