Why Your Child Needs More Toys

It’s no secret that toys are fun. A restless child can be satisfied for hours given the right toy. But according to some recent studies, toys do much more than entertain children. They are an integral part of a child’s cognitive development.

From babies to school-aged kids, every child benefits from toys.

Babies grow unbelievably fast. Every day, it seems like newborns a finding new tricks and making new connections between what their bodies do, and how the world around them reacts. When a baby drops his or her toy on the floor, they aren’t just testing to see if a parent will pick it up. They are also noticing the sounds and vibrations created by the action.

Babies and toddlers can observe different colors, shapes and textures. They can bang toys together to observe the sounds and effects. Later on, learning toys can be introduced to teach children new words, new numbers and new patterns that will help satisfy their growing curiosity about the world.

More toys!

It may seem like one good toy is all a kid needs. But any parent knows that’s not the case.

Babies and toddlers often enjoy a toy for a while, then tire of it and wish to move on. That’s because they’ve explored and learned everything they could from that toy. Parents are wise to continually provide new toys and therefore new experiences to their children. This will ensure continuous development and increase in engagement and brain power as the child gets older.

The family that plays together

An added benefit of providing your child with toys is the opportunity for interaction with your children. By getting on the floor with them and playing together, your bond with them deepens. Regularly playing with your child establishes you as a confidant as much as an authority. It can be hard to strike that balance perfectly, but playing with your child is an important step in the bonding balance.

As well as bonding with your child, playing with them allows you to exercise your imagination too. Regular play will help stoke your creativity and bolster your emotional stability.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to play!