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At Thirsty Planet Brewing, we believe our purpose is multi-faceted. It begins with just good, old-fashioned passion for beer. We enjoy the history of beer, its humble, but amazing beginnings, the way it brings people together, and its unbelievable versatility. We truly believe that the best way to share our enthusiasm for life is through the perfect beer.

Our Thirsty Planet crew is devoted to brewing with a purpose and are committed to quenching the thirst of this planet through each sip of beer and through the charitable organizations we support. Gratuities from our tasting room are donated to a different charity each month, every year over half of the proceeds from our Silverback Pale Ale sales support the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund, and each year we donate to and sponsor as many local charities as possible.

We strive to keep the planet’s well-being in mind during our day to day operations. Our spent grain is donated to local farmers for animal feed and we recycle all paper and glass products here at the brewery. We owe our success to the resources our environment has provided and to all of our Thirsty Planet fans out there. We think the world of you guys. So come see our beautiful tasting room in Texas Hill Country and drink a beer with us. Let’s cheers a pint to the planet!